I was born in Peterborough, Ontario; a city which (for some reason) prides itself in having the world’s tallest hydraulic liftlocks. There, I spent a lot of my time working at a rock-climbing gym, rowing, and volunteering with the local hospital.

I moved to Toronto in 2010 to pursue an Honours BA in Philosophy and Psychology (originally: physics), falling into Bioethics along the way. During that time, I struggled with questions about privilege and usefulness of doing philosophy, and almost left the discipline. The chance to create a course for a local harm reduction youth shelter exposed me to the impact and value that philosophy can have for others outside the academy, and rekindled my [albeit more critical] passion for academia and philosophy.

In 2015, I started a PhD in philosophy and bioethics at the University of Toronto. Primarily, I plan to research the intersections between narrative, oppression, and silence in relational medicine, ethics, and epistemologies. I’m also academically interested in critical pedagogies, the ethics of cryopreservation, and in the representation and accommodation of trans and disabled people in digital and social architectures.

These days, my “spare time” is usually spent reading pretending to read, and trying to apply philosophy to things it probably ought not to be.  I also dabble in writing poetry and fiction, and am making slow but gradual progress on my second novella. I hope also to publish a children’s picture book based on the first two Cartesian Meditations by the end of my degree.

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