Dragon Reflections

Overview: On this page, I will reflect on my experiences using Nuance’s Dragon speech recognition software. My purpose of doing this online is to both (a) provide myself more resources to reflect on my progress and utility over time, and to (b) have a publicly accessible document that general interest internet users may find, and to which I can direct students or colleagues who may be interested.

This page will be periodically updated with reflections as I hit arbitrary milestones. Following this introduction, entries will be written using the software unless otherwise noted. Most often, they will be written in another window and copied in, as I do not yet (15/01/2019) have Dragon well connected to Firefox (the “plug-in” is not compatible with my current browser version).

All reflections will be uploaded on this single page rather than separate blog entries, for sake of my own organization, and so that everything is searchable from one page.

Product: I am using Nuance Dragon Professional Individual v.15. This is my first time using a Dragon-line product, or any a professional speech recognition software in general.