WMU 2022: Materials

Below are some materials from my presentation titled “Saving Lives: And Then What? A Need for Increased Attention to Morbidity Outcomes in Suicide Prevention Research.” I’ll typically host these online for a few weeks after a presentation, after which you can email me for previous resources.

Click here to download a pdf of my abstract (79kb).

Click here to download a pdf of my slides (draft form, 607kb).

  • Image description for slides: There are only two images in the slideshow, the alt-text for which is not preserved in pdf form. These appear on slides 4 and 8 of the downloadable pdf (the same two images, both slides). The first image is a mock-up image of the “Luminous Veil” installation on the Bloor-Danforth Viaduct in Toronto. The image shows the bridge looming high over a multilane highway, and the bridge is illuminated by a series of colourful lights casting colour across a metal screen (like a “veil”!). The second image is a close-up photo, showing the metal bars that run along the actual bridgetop, spaced quite closely together.

To follow up with me by email, you can contact me at c.dalrymple.fraser@mail.utoronto.ca (yeah, it’s that long. I recommend copying and pasting)!