One-minute acceptance speech: Superior Teaching Award

Hello, aniin, and thank you, miigwetch

I’m C Dalrymple-Fraser recording with you from One Dish One Spoon territory.

I’m grateful for this recognition. There are so many ways of teaching and learning, and it is affirming to know that that the choices we made as a course community ended up working as best we could hope. I hope my students know this award is theirs too for the course we built together.

I appreciate that accessibility came up so regularly as part of the nominations. Access work needs to be recognized, valued, and commended if we’re going to help normalize it as a fundamental part of teaching work.

And I am choosing to take this award as a communication that the University wants commits to accessibility through and beyond the pandemic. A commitment that we build more cultures of trust with students and each other.

I hope that this commitment will backed by money, training, and action, not just words of care. And I hope that we are able to care for and with each other as we choose better futures. To the future: I look forward to seeing you there.

Archived: Interview with Shelley Tremain