Under Construction

This page is currently under drastic revision in advance of the 2020-2021 teaching year. Rather than revert to a draft, you’ll be able to see some of the ongoing changes, drafts, and general messiness on this page. Please contact me for teaching materials, history, and resources that I had previously listed here or elsewhere, or to offer comments on some of the current revisions. If you’re a current or past student, I particularly welcome feedback on which of our course resources you’d like to see here, or what resources you would find helpful.

Who is this page for?

This page used to talk generally about my teaching for any audience, but I am currently reworking it to prioritize the main stakeholders in my teaching: students! Over the coming weeks and months, I will begin to upload some of the studying and learning tools I’ve shared over time, as well as answers to common questions I hear (including questions I don’t hear but would expect to hear if students felt comfortable asking). You can scroll down to see some of the pages I’m currently writing, and others I’m planning.

If you are an educator looking for teaching resources or some of my pedagogical research, please feel invited to contact me by email. You can see some of the resources and research I do at the bottom of this page. I am also available for accessibility consultations on course design or course issues, especially during online migration during COVID-19; I ask for a sliding scale donation if you’re salaried, and do free consultations for unsalaried and ‘precarious’ workers when my time allows.

About My Teaching (FAQ)

In development! Here are some questions I hope to answer among others.

  • What are some of my beliefs about teaching?
  • What do courses I design look like? What do I usually assign?
  • What have I taught recently?
  • What other teaching-related roles or committees have I been a part of?
  • What optional training have I taken to support my teaching?
  • What is my approach to “accessibility”?
  • Who do I look to for inspiration in teaching?

Resources I’ve created (in development)

For students: FAQs, Tips, and Tools

For instructors and teaching assistants: accessible pedagogy and sample assignments

  • Reappraising “laptop ban” research: Why research isn’t as strong as it seems, and how to appraise future research (for humanities courses)
    • Based on a research talk given at the Centre for Ethics, 2020
  • Grading “participation”: Concerns with validity and a self-reporting tool
    • Based on an assignment used in three separate courses (and employed by others in other classrooms and universities) and the accompanying research talk given at the Guelph Accessibility Conference, 2018
  • Grading alternative projects (AKA: How do I grade a painting in philosophy?)
    • Based on an assignment used in three separate courses (third year)
  • Broadening how to look at “Accessibility”
    • Based on a research talk for the Guelph Accessibility Conference, 2019
  • When not to use “evidence-based” course designs

External Resources (in development)

Current students: check out the last two pages of your syllabus for a heap of links while I prepare this part of the page!