Selected Teaching Experience

As a Tutorial Leader:

  1. Bioethics (2016).
  2. Biomedical ethics (2018, 2016, 2015).
  3. Intro to ethics (2017, 2016).
  4. Intro to philosophy (2016, 2012-2013).
  5. Persons, minds, and bodies (2016, 2015).

As a Grader:

  1. Ethics and medical research (2017).
  2. Ethics: death and dying (2016).
  3. Ethics, genetics, and reproduction (2018).
  4. Philosophy of human sexuality (2017).
  5. Practical reason and human action (2016).
  6. Social issues (2016).

PHLB09: Biomedical Ethics

If you are a student currently enrolled in C’s tutorials for PHLB09, you can click here to access our tutorial materials and resources. This page will be continually updated over the term.

Research and News:

  • Winter 2018: This upcoming term I will be a teaching assistant to two courses: PHLB09: Biomedical Ethics, and PHL384: Ethics, Genetics, and Reproduction. Please refer to our course syllabus for contact information.
  • Current research projects: I am currently working on three main projects around pedagogical theory and practice.  The first project focuses on the need to extend critical pedagogical practices to our construction of rubrics and evaluations. The second project spins off the first, and concerns specifically how we can reframe rhetoric and evaluations of “participation” in ways that are less discriminatory and unravel the ableist, classist, racist, and sexist backgrounds behind them. The third project concerns the epistemic and material harms caused by our practices around accommodation requests in the classroom. Mark Fortney (University of Nebraska at Omaha) and I are currently preparing a manuscript on this latter topic, a section of which was accepted as a poster to the American Philosophical Association Eastern Division’s Teaching Hub, January 2018.