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Recent News

Autumn 2021: I will be the instructor for the bioethics course “PHL383: Ethics and Mental Health” at the St George campus of the University of Toronto. I am currently (re)designing the course from the bottom up, and welcome early student input on course design.

Summer 2021: I will be teaching the upcoming summer course “PHLC14: Topics in Non-Western Philosophy” at the University of Toronto at Scarborough. I will also be teaching an updated version of “PHL382: Ethics: Death & Dying” at the University of Toronto at St George Campus.

March 2021: I was a recipient of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Superior Teaching Award for graduate course instructors for my work on last summer’s “PHL382: Ethics: Death and Dying”. A brief interview about that course is currently available on the Department of Philosophy website. And my one-minute acceptance speech is available through this link. This course also received an honourable mention for the Martha Love Lile Teaching Award in December 2020.

Recent courses taught

PHL 100: Introduction to Philosophy. Co-taught with Julia Smith.

PHL 337: Topics in Chinese Philosophy ( Course topic: Classical Daoism). Instructor, upon the passing of Vincent Shen.

PHL 375: Ethics (Course topic: Bodies, Norms, and Values).

PHL 382: Ethics: Death & Dying (Course topic: Death & Dying during COVID-19)

PHL C06: Topics in Ethical Theory (Topic: Bodies, Norms, and Values).

PHL C14: Topics in ‘Non-Western’ Philosophy (Main topic: Metaphilosophy and the values of knowledge)

Other recent teaching research and resources

I am working to digitize some of the workshops and materials that I regularly offer in my courses, with the goal of making them more generally available to the public. If there are particular resources you have benefitted from as a previous student of mine, or which you would hope to see, please do contact me and let me know!